CALCET  Company


CALCET Company has openings for Mechanical/Chemical/Manufacturing/Process Engineers and Program Managers in the San Francisco Bay Area/Los Angeles Area and Boston Area. The positions involve the validation and engineering of processes, systems, and equipment in the bio-pharmaceutical, medical, power and commercial aerospace industry. The positions will involve field work in different plants.  Strong communications and administrative skills, and a solid grounding in engineering fundamentals, are essential. Knowledge of fermentation, purification, and separations processes, structural analysis, pressure vessels calculations, thermodynamics a plus. Experience with P&IDs, PFDs, and Validation Protocols also a plus.

Please use one of the following methods to apply for a position. Include a cover letter and a resume

All applications should be addressed to

Mr. Christopher Tong.

Per email at

Mr. Theodor Moisidis

Per email at

Cover page should include the word "Resume"

Subject line should include the word "Resume". Include a text version of the resume along with any attachments.