CALCET  Company

Validation Services

● Validation Strategy Formulation and Review;

● Generation and Review of Technical Registration Dossiers;

● Engineering Checkout:

● Fabrication Facilities,

● Utility Systems,

● Process Equipment;

● Generation, Development, Execution, and Final Package Preparation of Test Plans and Protocols:

      ▪ Process Development,

      ▪ System Operating Procedure Development,

      ▪ Installation Qualifications,

      ▪ Operational Qualifications,

      ▪ Equipment Performance Qualifications,

      ▪ Process Performance Qualifications;

● Programmable Logic Controller Software Qualification;

● Qualification of Vessels, Piping, and Pressure Boundary Components in Accordance with ANSI B31.1, ASME B&PV Code Sections III and VIII and/or Vendor Specified Allowable Stresses;

● Seismic Environmental Qualification of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment;

● Cycle Development and Validation of CIP, Automatic Control, PLC, and Distributed Control Systems.