CALCET  Company

 Process Engineering

● Generation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs);

● Development and Upgrade of Procurement Specifications, Including Functional and Environmental Testing;

● Setup and Engineering Checkout of Fabrication/Utility/Process Facilities;

● Startup of  and Equipment in New Production Facilities;

● Cycle Development of CIP, Automatic Control, PLC, and Distributed Control Systems;

● cGMP Design, Functional Testing, Master Planning, Analytical Assays, and Training;

● Development of Procurement Specification, Process Data Sheets, and Criteria Documents;

● Development of Standard Operating Procedures, Manuals, and Criteria Documents;

● Analytical Procedures:

       ▪ HPLC,

       ▪ Electrophoresis,

       ▪ Infrared and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy,

       ▪ Electron Spin Resonance,

       ▪ Dynamic Light Scattering,

       ▪ Differential Scanning Calorimetry,

       ▪ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR),

       ▪ Bacterial Cell Culture,

       ▪ Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Specific Assay (ELISA),

       ▪ Virus Handling and Infectivity Assay,

       ▪ Amino Acid Analysis,

       ▪ Lyophilization,

       ▪ Microencapsulation using PLA/PLGA;

● Startup of Systems and Equipment in New Production Facilities;

● Root Cause Investigations into Non-Conforming Test Results;

● Development/Implementation of Procedures for Residual Life Assessment and Fracture Control Plan for Operation of Nuclear Power Plants.