CALCET  Company

Ask the Experts

Following is a sampling of our most Frequently Asked Questions. Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask us in the Requestf for Information link.

What is CALCET Company’s mission statement?  CALCET Company provides quality consulting engineering and validation services as well as complete IT Solutions, with complete customer satisfaction.

Where is CALCET Company located?  CALCET’ Companys main headquarters is in San Leandro, California. CALCET Company also has offices internationally in Wiesbaden, Germany. CALCET Company can service facilities in the United States as well as abroad.

What companies has CALCET Company worked for in the past?  Some of CALCET Company’s clients in the bio-pharmaceutical industry include Baxter Healthcare, Bayer Corporation, Genentech, Amgen, Abbot Bioresearch, Abgenix, ARADIGM, Biomarin Pharmaceutical, BASF Bioresearch, Cell Geneses, Descon Engineering, Color Keeper, Merrick & Company, PG&E, and Vectra Technologies. We have worked for companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Greater Los Angeles, and in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.  Some of CALCET Company’s IT clients include Levi Strauss & Co, Delta Dental Plan of California, Stanford University, as well as renown international clients such as the Deutsche Post AG.  Please follow the EXPERIENCE links, for a more in-depth discussion of our experience with these companies.

How long are our projects?  CALCET Company projects historically have lasted from a few weeks to over a year. CALCET Company has the flexibility to be competitive on small projects as well as the experience and organization to take on large management projects.

What types of projects do we do?   CALCET Company’s projects typically involve engineering and validation of the pharmaceutical industry. Projects can vary in scope from Analysis and Design work to Validation and Reverse Engineering of existing systems. Pharmaceutical engineering and validation has been the key to CALCET Company’s success. In the IT field, CALCET Company’s major experience implementing document imaging solutions at their clients.  Please follow the link to SERVICES, for a more in-depth discussion of our capabilities.

What is the composition of a project team?  CALCET Company has a flat organizational structure, which allows CALCET Company's project-oriented teams to concentrate on the task at hand. The project team consists of a team leader as well as senior and staff engineers. Project teams can range in size from a single engineer to 10 or more team members. CALCET Company can provide any number of experienced engineers to meet the requirements of the client. CALCET Company engineers range from BS to doctorate level personnel.

Why should we use CALCET Company rather than do it in-house?  There are three primary reasons to use CALCET Company instead of completing a task in-house. The first is to complement the knowledge base of your company. The second is to alleviate a temporary overload of work. The third is to obtain a different perspective.

1. CALCET Company’s experience in Engineering and Validation can complement your current staff. Because CALCET Company focuses on Project Engineering and Validation, our engineers can draw from a pool of experience in those fields that most in-house staff cannot match. In many situations, contracting to CALCET Company  is more cost-effective solution than hiring individuals with specific expertise for a single project.

2. Large projects and day-to-day operations can tie up so much of a company’s resources that critical projects can not be completed on schedule. By outsourcing these projects, companies can allow their staff to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of the facility while meeting their critical project schedules. CALCET Company’s expertise in completing critical path projects on-schedule and within budget makes it the perfect project choice.

3. One of CALCET Company’s strengths is its ability to develop innovative solutions for its clients. CALCET Company can supply a fresh perspective to a difficult problem. CALCET Company can draw upon its engineers’ pool of knowledge to provide effective solutions for its clients.

If you were a client looking for consultants, what qualities would you look for?  As a client we would seek a firm that had the experience and high standards of quality to meet my project goals. Completing the project on-time and within budget would also be a keen importance.

Why should we use CALCET Company rather than another consulting company?  CALCET Company engineers have experience on projects ranging from initial Analysis and Design, through Construction and Process Engineering through final Validation and Operator Training. Because of this, CALCET Company personnel understand the requirements of the different disciplines working on the same project, and can provide a seamless transition from one project phase to another. Very few consulting companies can provide both Engineering and Validation support on a single project.  

CALCET Company has always maintained the highest standards of quality. CALCET Company strives for total satisfaction from its clients in all facets of work completed. CALCET Company engineers have completed rigorous courses of study at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, and continue to maintain their high standards of excellence through their professional careers.   

CALCET Company has the experience and organization to complete any size project. CALCET Company’s rates are competitive with other engineering and validation companies in the industry. Because of this, our clients feel that the combination of experience, competitive rates, and quality of work makes us the consultant of choice.