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CALCET Company takes new direction with the joining of new senior level staff.

CALCET Company exntends oprations all over the continental US and Europe.

Dr. Nicolae Th. Moisidis PE, President & CEO of CALCET Company to supervise CALCET Company's US operations.  Dr. Nicolae Th. Moisidis can be contacted at Mail: or at (510)352-0130..

CALCET Company opens Branch Office in Germany

CALCET Company expands its permanent operations to the European community., incorporating in Germany as CALCET Company GmbH in 2001.-   Headed by the VP of Operations Europe, Dipl. Inf. Antonius O. Moisidis this branch office is sure to bring sucess to CALCET Company.  Calcet Company has opened a branch office in Germany to supervise its European projects.  You can reach Antonius Moisidis at Mail:  

CALCET Signs Alliance Agreement with ARES Corporation   

CALCET Company has entered into an alliance with ARES (Applied Research & Engineering Sciences) Corporation, a consulting engineering organization based in Burlingame, California.

ARES Corporation has worked on projects for NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as a number of private firms. ARES Corporation provides an experienced pool of engineers capable of adapting to any environment.

CALCET Company and ARES Corporation have combined forces to expand the range of services the two can offer. Together with ARES Corporation, CALCET Company can now offer the following additional capabilities:


CALCET Company Opens New Home Office in 1991.

CALCET Company relocated its home office in San Leandro, California. The new office provides expanded computer & technical resources for the company, as well as additional office space. The new offices are located at: 14895 East 14th Street Suite 340,San Leandro, CA 94578